[Download Ebook] Keto Diet: The Step by Step Keto Cookbook to Gain Ketosis

Have you been wanting to get to work on that physique but felt that you had 
to lose some weight first? Or could it be that the term “weight loss” has been
hanging around in the back of your mind, just that you never really got down
to working on it? Restrictive and strange diets, fanciful expensive machines,
and the ultimate fat-burning, no-workout magic weight loss pill. These would
be the many purported solutions that one would find whenever you seek an
answer in the dazzling, multi-billion dollar weight loss industry.
keto diet

The truth is, by coming to this book, you already have an inkling of what is
truly needed to effect safe and lasting weight loss. It is a natural fact that only
through watching what we eat, will we have the most impact on our weight.
This is where the ketogenic diet really shines and lets you enjoy automatic,
effortless fat burning without all the usual calorie constraints of other diets.

Weight loss is an almost certain result you will enjoy once you start the
ketogenic diet, but this is not the only benefit that you will enjoy. Think of all
those activities you have always wanted to pursue, but shelved because you
simply had no energy left after your usual day’s work. Well, time to dust off
those hobbies and the things you enjoy doing, because on the ketogenic diet,
you will have more energy for your daily work and play! The accompanying
mental clarity and sharpness of thought are also positive effects which you
will have as a direct result of the diet. A better health report card, by way of
optimized cholesterol readings, normalized blood sugar and a corresponding
lowered risk of cardiovascular diseases are also just some of the beneficial
health effects experienced by most on the diet.

This book’s aim is primarily to give you the tools with which to let the
ketogenic diet run more smoothly and seamlessly in your daily life.
Something that many learn is that a diet is almost only as good as the number
of recipes it has in its repertoire. The benefits of a particular diet may be
numerous, but if you are forced to have the same stuff every breakfast, lunch
and dinner, even the most avid supporter of the lot would probably have
problems sustaining the diet. This is where I am most happy to say that the
ketogenic diet has quite some leeway for the concoction of various different
recipes, and it is the purpose of this book to bring you some of the more
delicious and easy-to-prepare meals for your gastronomic pleasure!

For the beginners as well as the adepts of the ketogenic diet, the recipes
contained within are created specifically to be appealing to your palate while
not requiring you to literally spend the whole day in the kitchen! Concise and
to the point, the recipes break down meal preparation requirements in a
simple step by step format, easy for anyone to understand. An additional 28-
day meal plan is also structured to serve both as guidance as well as
inspiration for the new and old adherents to the ketogenic diet. Grocery lists
top it all off to give you the timely reminder on what to get on your next food
shopping trip.

The very fact that you are here with this book, is sufficient proof that you are
at least curious to know how the ketogenic diet can help you. Even better,
maybe you are already quite well-versed with its benefits and are seeking
diverse, rich, and savory recipes for a more delectable ketogenic journey.
Regardless of which is which, this keto diet cookbook will be well placed to
provide you with actionable culinary ideas with which to spice up your daily
I really hope that the value and ideas you find in this book will serve you
well, and may you have a fruitful ketogenic journey!
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